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Generative Theater Work

Marcella has been dedicated to making new work for over 20 years.

She has created works on issues from war and violence/nonviolence; to poverty; homelessness and exile; race and class divides; women’s issues; oppression; cultural heritage and the Tibetan people; equality;  grief and loss; consciousness, integration, individuation and the nature of reality.

Marcella devises in ensemble, does interview-based work and generates solo material.

Conception, dramaturgy, writer, choreographer, director, producer, performer

Marcella Trowbridge Terpsichore: The Women's Movement Selections / 5 mins

Marcella Trowbridge Generative Theater Artist Work Sample / 5 mins


Terpsichore: The Women’s Movement Full / 67 mins


UMBRA early stage new work in development / 34 mins

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